Yearly Archives: 2004

My Laptop Diary I

This is a pointer to the first of a series of articles on maintaining my laptop; I was experimenting, pre-virtualisation with multiple operating systems. The original blog article is here…. I referred to the articles as my “Laptop Diary”. This article was specific to changes on a now obsolete hardware platform, and now obsolete software platforms.


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Strategic Studies, a new meaning

Charles Clarke (Secretary of State for Education) presented to the Select Committee on Education last week (1.12.04), stating that the Government was intervening to defend certain University departments against closure on so-called “viability” grounds. He was going to define certain subjects as “Strategic”. This was arguably in response to the University of Exeter’s decision to close its Chemistry department.

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Arrogance ability ratio

The other day (Sept), Dilbert and Co. were introduced to the productivity/usefullness ratio. Despite working hard, a co-worker is absolutely useless and is of course told by the manager to work less.

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Consolidation & Sybase

I wrote up some notes on how to run multiple Sybase instances in a single system image. When I originally wrote it, I was pretty much the world expert on the subject. The article explored a couple of basic Sybase consolidation techniques and the UNIX and Solaris technologies that support consolidation.  It was one of the first articles I published on, as a download. As I prepared for the version file look and feel update in 2015, I had decided that it was no longer of much help and so did not bring it forward to the new downloads page, although the download permalink is still supported.

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Don’t bet on “buyer beware”

I have worked for the public sector (central government), small owner run businesses and large joint stock companies, while most management theorists agree with my first law of business, it is my experience that many so-called entrepreneurs don’t.

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Writing in English

I wrote an article at called Writing in English about web resources and jargon. Not really worth bringing forward. So I haven’t.


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Is it raining out?

Originally posted at I have (over the last few months) renewed my attempt to find a weather content site that delivered over the phone.

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Consolidation – The importance of a cost meta-model

On, I posted an article about some of the theory behind the Data Centre Economics offerings I and colleagues were working on. The exercises were designed to model the costs of an infrastructure platform and show the profitability of implementing, smaller, faster & cheaper systems. I made this into white paper format, available here…, the original article, without the graphic remains available at the sun/oracle site, here….

Is it still worth reading? Not so sure. See the first comment

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About Pressure

At a meeting the other day one of the participants stated, that

“I thrive on pressure.”

My view was that they’d obviously never met anyone any good at applying it.

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Education, education

We were watching University Challenge the other week when the picture question came up and our younger son answered all three correctly identifying a war-hammer, a halberd and a morning-star/flail. Our good opinion of his diligence at history studies fell rapidly when he told us he knew because of the hours on the computer playing “Diablo”.

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The wonderful wankometer

In the ongoing war against pomposity and bullshit, some anonymous people at offer the wankometer as a service. This web site lets site authors discover the amount of management wank in their prose or on their sites.

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Trains & Phones &……things

Railtrack used to have a great service. I could personalise the menu with routes of interest over the web and then make a next journey query using the phone as I dashed towards Waterloo station. It’d give me the timetabled departure, so I knew whether to panic or not! (Of course, an alternative was to remember the timetable). It was useful, but disappeared in the corporate transition from Railtrack to Network Rail.

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Shrinking the Beamer

Boy, I wish I could junk my laptop and replace it with a new age phone with a decent screen. The iceing on the cake would be a pocket projecter with bluetooth connection, so I could use the wall as my visual display. How much would it take to shrink the beamer to pocket size? I own credit card sized torches!

This would really jump start multi-media over the wireless, I’ve played a playstation game on a projected screen 8ft x 5ft and it was awesome.

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