Monthly Archives: September 2004

Shrinking the Beamer

Boy, I wish I could junk my laptop and replace it with a new age phone with a decent screen. The iceing on the cake would be a pocket projecter with bluetooth connection, so I could use the wall as my visual display. How much would it take to shrink the beamer to pocket size? I own credit card sized torches!

This would really jump start multi-media over the wireless, I’ve played a playstation game on a projected screen 8ft x 5ft and it was awesome.

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Sugar & Spice

In the UK, we’ve just had two reality TV series where school kids have been put through a 1950’s style education. There have been two series, one following kids into a 50’s grammar school and the second has been about a Secondary Modern.

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Musings on wireless information

I’m not one who believed that WAP (Wireless Access Protocol) was going to take over the world; the phone screen is too small to deliver useful content. How long this will remain true is questionable. I went down the shops recently to get a couple of phones and while the screens seem no larger, they are now multi-coloured. (You need to bear in mind, that I’ve just started to use glasses,

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UNIX Consolidation – Top tips for right sizing

There remain some good ideas in this article, which talked about Sun UK’s consolidation planning methodology but it is now mainly interesting as a then contemporary comment. See my comment. DFL 9 Jan 2015

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Maximising Creativity

For various reasons, I decided to see if one of the early people motivation theories was still currently in use. This is the “Theory X, Theory Y” model. It was first stated in the “Human Side of Enterprise” by Douglas McGregor, published in 1960. This is listed on Amazon as out of print, but they do quote a price and shipment date, and has been reviewed in the last year by Sheila Ale. The top “Google, search site” offers, which holds an article about the Theory XY model here….

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Australia & England, a sporting rivalry!

In the Guardian, a journalist quoted an Australian Olympic sportsman as saying “You ****** poms, you can only win medals in sports where you sit down”. Looking at the Great Britain’s medal tally, he had a point. Sailing, Cycling, Rowing, Canoeing & Riding.

It does ignore Kelly Holmes winning the women’s middle distance races, but its a great piece of abuse, with enough truth to make it hard to ignore. I love Australians!

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In Memorium

I didn’t intend to do any politics on this blog but the events in Southern Russia are so appalling. There’s not much to be said, but I wish the survivors and the bereaved my best wishes for the future.

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