Monthly Archives: October 2004

Consolidation – The importance of a cost meta-model

On, I posted an article about some of the theory behind the Data Centre Economics offerings I and colleagues were working on. The exercises were designed to model the costs of an infrastructure platform and show the profitability of implementing, smaller, faster & cheaper systems. I made this into white paper format, available here…, the original article, without the graphic remains available at the sun/oracle site, here….

Is it still worth reading? Not so sure. See the first comment

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About Pressure

At a meeting the other day one of the participants stated, that

“I thrive on pressure.”

My view was that they’d obviously never met anyone any good at applying it.

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Education, education

We were watching University Challenge the other week when the picture question came up and our younger son answered all three correctly identifying a war-hammer, a halberd and a morning-star/flail. Our good opinion of his diligence at history studies fell rapidly when he told us he knew because of the hours on the computer playing “Diablo”.

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The wonderful wankometer

In the ongoing war against pomposity and bullshit, some anonymous people at offer the wankometer as a service. This web site lets site authors discover the amount of management wank in their prose or on their sites.

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Trains & Phones &……things

Railtrack used to have a great service. I could personalise the menu with routes of interest over the web and then make a next journey query using the phone as I dashed towards Waterloo station. It’d give me the timetabled departure, so I knew whether to panic or not! (Of course, an alternative was to remember the timetable). It was useful, but disappeared in the corporate transition from Railtrack to Network Rail.

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