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Steve Hahn who writes at predictable suggested that getting del.icio.us as an RSS stream and thus viewing not only other’s bookmarks but also the order they’re reviewed adds a new dimension to the bookmark list. Today, if you view my del.icio.us bookmarks, you can see that I’ve been looking at holiday and personal finance sites.  The rest of this article, looks at reverse date order and clouds vs.lists. It represents my early experiments with social bookmarking and RSS.

Actually, its taken a while to understand that the date/time index inherent in blogs is good. This site’s archive and search aren’t good enough to find the stuff I want to be available irrespective of age, but I can fix that over time. It fascinates me the way people (including myself) are beginning to use either time or age as a design attribute for an information system or a piece of information.

Another useful feature about del.icio.us is that you can choose to represent your tags as a cloud or list. The picture below is a composite created from two screen dumps but it shows the two views of the tags, and on the right hand side at the bottom, we see the options panel that controls the view, with cloud vs list and the sort order.

delicious cloud tag

The list is sorted in frequency order and thus shows the popularity or selectivity of my tags. These attributes are shown by font size & weight in the cloud and both views give me a reasonable way into my list of bookmarks depending upon what I’m interested in today.

I’m basically tagging my bookmarks to use the cloud rather than the mozilla/exporer interface to find my bookmarks. I’m trying to maintain discipline, but its not crucial. Have I given the the tags a new semantic, not sure, but I’m pleased with this experiment. Its proving very useful.


Originally posted on my sun/oracle blog, republished here in Feb 2016. Once again Oracle lost the picture.


  1. It’s interesting how the ability to draw inference beyond the single statement has become a privacy threat, one which many researchers minimise by not using site’s that store a log and offer it as RSS. I also re purposed my del.icio.us feed when google reader went under to act as a news propagator. Many of my book marks I file for others and don’t re-read.