Monthly Archives: November 2005

Why aren’t you using

I’ve just undertaken a demo of for a friend, who’s read my previous articles and told me that I undersell it. Personally, I think I’ve been a bit of a mono-maniac on the subject. So for those of you who don’t get it. is Great. Its a fantastic example of, the next problem to be solved.

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Sybase UK TECHSelect 2005, London

I popped over to the Sybase UK TechSelect conference. Its been a while since I met up with the Sybase and User Group people. I’ll always remember one of the opening presos made by one of Sybase’s VPs in the early ’90s. It sounded like Harry Enfield’s “loadsa money”, “here’s our results – you see all this money – it was yours but now its ours!” – “How much does it cost? Loads – if your asking that question, your too poor to have one”. Most businesses, including Sybase, have learned that you need more humility when speaking about company results. So Simon Cattlin, Sybase UK’s recently appointed MD gave an interesting and different presentation; he felt his personal newness made the traditional MD’s approach inappropriate, but he shared some of his thoughts about why he joined Sybase and the research he’d undertaken while making his mind up.

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Making Sybase Scream

This article is about running Sybase on a sophisticated UNIX. It discusses sizing Sybase’s max engines parameter, the effect of resource management tools & leveraging UNIX & Consolidation. Also note that this is not a Sun Blueprint, its meant to show you that you can, not how to.

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