Monthly Archives: April 2006

J. K. Galbraith – R.I.P.

JK Galbraith, one of the greatest economists of the 20th century, died today. The Guardian covers this in a formal obituary and an article containing these three, together with more, quotes.

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About ITV

I have been catching up on my reading over the last few days and was browsing the March copy of Management Today, in which Chris Allen, the CEO of ITV was interviewed. In the interview he boasted that ITV2 is now the most watched digital channel in the UK, eclipsing Sky One. Its an illustration that something other than channel is important.

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A trip to Seville

We got back from Seville on Thursday. What a marvellous place. I haven’t been to Spain for over 30 years and never been to Andalusia. One of our inspirations to do the journey was the Cafe Mauresque in Canterbury. While there we visited the Alcazar, the Cathedral & the Giralda, the highest point in the city and some of the best views.

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