Monthly Archives: July 2007

Enhancing Google Maps

I have just updated my South Coast Travel public google map to include placemarks with links to the BBC and Met. Office weather reports. I am disappointed that they have no obvious weather icon and that the i icon is available in only one colour.

I did poke around the Google maps API pages and may take this further so that I can incorporate the page into, but if its like yahoo, this could be a bit difficult.

Otherwise its screen shot and link to the Google Maps URL

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No Music in the Car

I changed the battery on my Honda yesterday and the radio is now unusable as it needs the code logged into the radio to restart. I have created a snip called Honda Radios to help me sort this out.

Best bet would be to take it back to the garage that mucked it up.

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An explosion in New York

I returned to NYC, for the first time in three years and the meeting was disrupted by what I came to call a plumbing incident. I was 200 yards away and 31 stories high when the explosion in New York happened last night. It was jolly noisy. I looked out my window and the building next door was shrouded in steam.

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