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The right to be wrong in public

Reading the New Statesman, over the last few days, and they state that in the UK, journalists can defend themselves against the allegation of inaccuracy. Judges will test them on how hard they worked to verify the quality/accuracy of the information, was there an urgent need to publish, did the journalist/publisher present it as fact or with caveats and was the other side of the story presented. (For more see, “Truth, Lies & Fools“.)


Originally published on my sun/oracle blog, republished here in June 2016.

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How real is virtuality

We travelled north up the strip, and had dinner at Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba. It was a bit of a European thing with a bunch of Brits, French and Germans. This cafe has an excellent if more limited wine list and we were fortunate to have the advice of Eric Bezille and Dave Tong. Our waiter was excellent, knew what he was selling and very patient. It must be hard selling to a bunch of opinionated engineers. We talked about a number of things, of which one was “Second Life”.

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The biggest wine rack in the world.

I went down to the Mandalay Bay again to visit the Aureole. This is a wine bar with a four story wine rack. The bar staff use a trapeze to retrieve the wine. It has to be seen to be believed. And now, you can see it!

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Sun CEC 2007

I visited California (& Nevada) for training and conferences with Sun, the first part was at Seascape, Monteray and was the bi-annual Distinguished Engineers conference, we ended up in Las Vegas for the Customer Engineering Conference. I led a team that built and ran a messaging service for managing questions to the presenters. I did a bit of blogging which can be picked up at my sun/oracle blog. It would seem that the technical stuff about how we built and ran the messaging system was hosted on an internal site and so is unavailable; the blog on question quality remains quite interesting.

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Monteray Bay

I checked in last night at Seascape Resort in Aptos, California. It’s between Santa Cruz and Monterey itself and on the cliffs above the beach.

This picture was taken a day or two later, from the beach.

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