Monthly Archives: April 2008

A second chance for twitter

I decided to give twitter another go and wrote a personal manifesto about my planned use on my sun/oracle blog. The article is interesting for the constraints and twitter’s obvious optimisation for the pre-smart phone mobile. Less interesting for its pompousness.

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New problems, new architectures

I originally wrote a piece on my sun/oracle blog called “Are “Quants” suitable for grid infrastructure?” I used a finance dictionary to create a dichotomy between Quants & Chartists and suggested that new IT architectures were needed to deal with trends and forecasting, especially if applied to portfolios and baskets. I reproduce the words here, as I was clearly struggling towards a forecast about big data and new application’s and implementation architectures. The original is not tagged “big data” as it wasn’t a current term at that time.

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Revolutionary business, revolutionary I.T.

My colleague, Ambreesh Khanna, presented on how the growing use of micro-finance, is changing IT architectural requirements, and the risk management criteria. [There’s a number of references on google, or exalead, but the Guardian reported on how Mohammed Yunus won the Nobel Peace prize 18 months ago.]

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