Monthly Archives: March 2009

About the Fishworks appliance

On my original sun/oracle blog, I wrote a piece about installing Sun’s Storage Server image on a VMware host, in this case, my Laptop. The links and technology are now no longer relevant so I have rescued a copy of the console screenshot and the link above (and below) takes you to the original post.

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Open Source, the price is right

I shall be speaking tomorrow on “Open Source, Free the right price!” and shall be posting my slides here. I have been busy reading up my undergraduate economics to remind me of what I learned then and check that it hasn’t changed. I borrowed Beggs, Fischer and Dornbusch’s “Economics”, since I got rid of my text books years ago and this seems to be the modern equivalent. The presentation covers some theory of the firm, poses community vs. a supply chain, IP Law and its impact on the software supply chain and finishes with some conclusions about free.

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Squaring the circle, from disruption to trust

Mike Shapiro is an expert in disruptive technology; he was working on Solaris in the early 2000s. He spoke to a number of us at Sun’s Guillemont Park Campus about Amber Road, Sun’s new disruptive file server technology. Sun and our customers have the opportunity to take advantage of the next big thing in network storage.

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