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Open Source in the Public Sector

I attended Kable’s “Open Source in the Public Sector” 2009 conference and captured and published my notes at my original Sun now Oracle blog, the hyperlinks are listed below. I have reproduced and edited the articles here. This is backdated to the date of occurrence. The main changes are to repair some lost hyperlinks i.e. those that disappeared when Oracle acquired Sun Microsystems. Interestingly Liam Maxwell, who became the Deputy CIO for the UK Government spoke on Government and procurement but I didn’t consider his points worth recording. Shame on me. DFL 25 Jan 2014

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I travelled to Barcelona with Mrs L. and on my return went up to London and travelled by Tube to deliver a presentation to Kable’s “Open Source in the Public Sector”, which reminded me of the weekend in Barcelona, both the prices and experience were better in Spain, although I didn’t travel on the Metro during a rush hour. As I landed, the day before, I received a message that Oracle had bid for Sun Microsystems, I also reflect on the helpful people at Heathrow. This post includes a slide show of my Barcelona pictures.

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Any ideas for hosting?

I have spent the afternoon trying to work out if 1and1 can host the services currently running on the Qube. I suspect that ssh andcron are enough for the planet and dyndns, but I might need a full virtual server with root authority for snipsnap, although .htaccess might be sufficient for the port redirect. Unfortunately they want to charge me £15 p.m. for this package, a 100% increase. Basically this is a vanity site, and while I am pretty vain I find this a bit steep, does anyone know of any other web hosting services that might do what I want for less?

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