My snipsnap is back online.

My bliki, snipsnap, is now back on line, hosted by Amazon. I have had to disable the Disqus comments on the bliki; they break the backup. I copied the bliki from the development server using tar on the whole installation build. I plan to write up how I recovered the site and also plan to continue to use the wiki to record my notes and things of interest to me. The blog from the bliki is forwarded to both my mingle and my friend feed, and I expect to write the occasional post detailing what new articles have been added to the wiki. I have considered using delicious to tag the blog feeds to create a tag cloud for the blog, but we’ll see, since life is a bit short. I had decided that ability to review and retrieve old bliki articles from a snipsnap blog was a serious disadvantage to using it which is one of the reasons that I’ll remain blogging at this address.

This blog, Well Red, is also available as feeds at

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