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Maybe snipsnap is not the answer

It was good to meet up with Mike Ramchand and Phil Harman last week at the Oracle User Group where Phil was presenting a talk entitled “Virtualisation Fever”. The conversation turned to personal web sites. Mike advised me to get off Snipsnap because its resource implications are too costly. It should be noted that there are a number of additional weaknesses due to its age.  It is written in Java and while it has an extensibility framework, using it requires Java and possibly Groovy, and I code in neither.

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On Mayors

Andrew Adonis reviewed Vernon Bogdanor‘s latest book, “The Coalition and the Constitution” in the New Statesman last month.  Adonis believes that Bogdanor argues that the fact of Coalition is a more significant change than the proposed reforms, which he summarises as Alternative Vote, so-called Fixed Term Parliaments and House of Lords reform. I’ve not read the book, so am not sure if focusing on Clegg’s quote, “the biggest shake-up of our democracy since 1832” is from Bogdanor, or Adonis, but neither think the plans meet this hype.

They suggest  that A.V. & Fixed term parliaments are not major game changes, and Bogdanor also looks at the reform of the House of Commons, the reduction in MPs and the equalisation of constituency sizes.  He argues that these latter reforms, while hyped as anti-Labour will particularly disadvantage the Liberal Democrats. The Government plans for House of Lords reform have now been published, so their impact can be estimated, and we now know that the next elections will be held under First Past the Post electoral system.

Adonis departs from a review of Bogdanor’s ideas by looking at the extension of the idea of executive mayors. He argues that this, “has great democratic potential”. I don’t really see it myself.

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DE HQ Reunion Barge Trip

The Reunion barge trip is well over, I have started to upload and convert the images and videos. Sadly, I lost and found my Sony Cybershot, and most of the pictures were taken with my mobile phone, a Nokia 5800 express. I am still sorting the pictures in order to make a video slide show, and still converting some of the videos to a more usable format.

20th July 2012: The pictures are on flickr here….

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Upgrading Well Red

I have created a fully hosted version of the blog here at and copied the articles from the original ‘canned’ wordpress blog. At the moment the old blog is still occupying the obvious URL of

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