One step forward, two steps back

I am in the process of migrating my personal feeds from an AWS virtual machine to a hosting provider. I have upgraded my contract to give me shell access and have installed the planet venus software. I have installed xslt, the hosting provider makes gcc and autoconf available as part of the package.

I have moved my mingle, to Mingle is a planet instance with a simple one line/entry html display. It has an ATOM XML version. This mingle instance is fed from my living social books, my delicious bookmarks, my diggs, which I don’t do so much now, my google shares, my movies, my personal blog, this blog, my iphone apps, my tweets and my youtube favourites. This feed needs the RSS and OPML files generated. The output directory needs to be moved and a redirection put in place. The Labour Party blog feed fails, and the Digg one probably does, I no longer write to my old Sun blog.

I have moved my mirror of the G3 News feed to There is a bug somewhere, it seems that the original feed is damaged in someway, neither my planets nor my feed burner account can read feed entries since the 30th of April. (I have documented this at G3 Forums and on the planet developer list.) This also needs to be moved and a redirection put in place.

I have ported the original planet davelevy to the hosting provider. This has the original ‘fancy’ theme, although I have amended it to make it green. The mingle has been amended so that it has the css files and hence looks like it belongs in the site. I need to integrate it into the look and feel.

The sitemaps need to be updated, the index panels need to be updated.

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