WordPress at 1and1, using PHP5

About owning the WordPress install and using 1and1 hosting services. I am preparing to change the look and feel of this blog, and have a shadow blog. This is installed using ftp of a wordpress distribution. My hosting povider is 1&1 which has a FAQ on how to in install a private copy of wordpress into one of their hosting accounts. I was having some problems getting the shadow blog to use the self updating tools; I was trying to install WPtouch, a theme that optimises the look and fell for small screen devices, and the wordpress administration page/frame would go blank, or take the background display colour .

 It seems that wordpress needs to access PHP5 for these functions to work properly, while the 1and1 default is PHP4. I spoke to 1&1 to work out how to do invoke PHP5. I have inserted

AddType x-mapp-php5 .php

into a fresh new .htaccess file.

The updates and add new theme dialogues now work.



  1. The link to the 1and1 resource was discovered to be broken in June 2017, and given it’s age, unlinked.