Level Up

1and1 Affiliate Program logoAnnouncing Version 4 of my Blog, it’s a fully hosted wordpress implementation hosted at 1and1 in Germany. It’s been available for a couple of days now, it uses zdbench theme and wptouch, so it’s now easy to read with handhelds, and together with tweetbutton, and vote-it-up plugins; you can contribute to the discussion, even if you can’t be arsed to comment. The logo above is a hyperlink into using their products; I’ve been doing it for a couple of years; and earnt bugger all, but if you want to use their products; click on the image/hyperlink.

I’ve been meaning to do this for several months/years but Alec Muffett berated me for not being able to comment on it without a shed load of work; having read my reminiscences of the way in which the security services were capable of huge invasions of privacy before the internet, mainly directed at alleged subversives such as democratically elected trade union officials, soon to become the enemy within.

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