Vote Labour in Deptford

There are three elections, local council, Lewisham Mayor and the European Parliament.


Lewisham has an executive Mayoral system. Steve Bullock is standing for re-election and the Labour Manifesto is hosted here… The retiring administration and council have,

  • started the first council houses in Lewisham in 12 years, as well as building over 2000 affordable homes, brought back into use 1000 homes and upgraded a further 3000 homes
  • become the first local authority to be a living wage employer benefiting 100s of workers
  • successfully used the courts to defend Lewisham Hospital
  • frozen the Council Tax
  • improved the primary school system so it’s the 4th best in the country
  • Developed our leisure facilities, opening two new swimming pools and a new Library; developed five new community libraries

the next Labour council will

  • freeze the council tax for two years,
  • continue to build houses and fight for high levels of affordable housing, tackle rogue landlords and rip off agents
  • create local jobs and apprenticeships and provide vocational training
  • invest in our schools, guaranteeing places at a good primary school and improving the performance of the secondary schools

The full manifesto and promises are here… An Executive Mayor though needs a strong group, both in terms of numbers and talent and Deptford deserves to be at the heart of the next Lewisham Administration. I suggest you vote for Steve as Mayor and for the Labour Councillors in your ward. The local party has worked hard to choose a strong, talented and hard working team.

I think I have made my views on the European Elections clear, here, here and here.

Have a good day tomorrow.


The Lewisham Labour site has pages for each of the Labour ward teams, Brockley, Crofton Park, Evelyn, Ladywell, New Cross and Telegraph Hill.

Read the ballot papers carefully, there are three separate voting systems.

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