Going to London Labour’s Regional Conference

Lewisham Deptford’s delegation to the London Labour Regional Conference, held at Hammersmith & Fulham’s Town Hall was reduced through illness but there were a couple of us who made the journey.The morning consisted of awards, keynote speeches from Harriet Harman & Sadiq Kahn and motions on Health and Economics. Sadly I didn’t get to read the Conference Arrangements Committee report which explained why many of the proposed Emergency Motions weren’t emergencies, were contrary to the rules, contrary to the law or, and my personal favourite, silly. (I might have made the last one up.)

The remaining delegate, bitoclass, has created a storify page which collects his and some of my tweets as his report back which covers the whole day and was published later in the day. I also made a storify page based on my tweets and those from others, published the following day since I wanted to refer to bitoclass‘s story. These may both give a better view of what happened than this little & late post.

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