Sunset, finally?

Simon Phipps comments on Oracle’s decision to close down the SPARC and Solaris business units. He  was close to the politics of Sun’s “Dash to Open” in the mid noughties. My feeling is that Sun had failed before Schwartz was appointed; there was no longer room for differentiated hardware company; Oracle’s failure to monetise the SPARC product line may have been caused by management hubris, but the long term economics of microprocessors and the establishment of distributed & collaborative software technology was more important. Sun were late to adopt Plan 9 and making Solaris, an SMP/UMA big iron solution was a cul-de-sac it couldn’t escape from. If you agree with me then the purchase of the Cray systems that became the E10K aka Starfire was the mistake that led to failure. Who’d have guessed?

I had promised not to write about Sun’s failure, but I think I am better now. I shared these thoughts via my blog, which may not last for long; it’s a bit of an experiment that’s failing.

Best of luck to those who’ll lose their jobs, I’m sure they’ll find work soon though.

Oracle Finally Killed Sun

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