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Dave Levy, professional portraitAn innovative, creative IT solutions designer, with over thirty years of IT experience. Since October 2009, I have been working as an Associate Partner at Citihub Ltd., as a Consultant continuing to solve IT problems for the Investment Banks and broking houses in London. I have been working in Citihub’s Mangement Consulting team, performing predictive risk analysis, availability engineering assurance and latterly risk control consultancy.

I joined Citihub after 12 years at Sun Microsystems where I had held several roles finishing my time there as Chief Technologist, Global Systems Engineering Europe and having worked with many of the world’s leading companies, I was based in Sun’s City office and worked with the UK’s and latterly Europe’s leading banking, broking, telco and media companies. In my penultimate role at Sun, I represented them on NESSI, one of the EU’s technology platforms; an incubator for research projects funded by the EU’s FP7 R&D programme.

Over my career in IT, I have experience in the IT industry working in Government, Banking, Insurance and for two IT systems vendors. I have acquired massive experience in technology solutions design & development, primarily using RDBMS software with UNIX computers. Throughout my career, I have worked as a manager, team leader and individual contributor and built several high performing teams.

I have been a member of the Labour Party since 1974, and while disappointed and busy in the first decade of the 21st Century, I moved to London in 2009 and rebooted my membership in Lewisham Deptford Labour Party, Joan Ruddock’s constituency in time to vote for her in 2010, the first time I have ever voted for an MP that won.

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