About site navigation and search

About site navigation and search

I have tweaked the navigation features on this blog, I have added a category filter at the bottom of all pages and note that for those of you for whom the feedburner subscriptions don’t work, you can use visual ping to set up a visualping,io alert. The tag cloud is still in place and augmented by a 3D version of it. The footnote section of this site also documents the rss/xml feeds as does the feeds page for the site, and the categories page documents the category names. For anything else there remains the search widget.


Finding categories in this blog

I have made some slight amendments to this site. I installed a redirect, https://davelevy.info/youtube, now resolves as my youtube channel, I have added the youtube channel to the links at the bottom of the page and I have amended the slider so that it exposes links to the work page, the wiki, the politics category (was the whole blog), the thoughts category and the technology category articles in the blog. …

Retweets, likes and bookmarks

Retweets, likes and bookmarks

Twitter have, it seems, changed the way and thus the semantics of the way in which we can tag ours and others tweets. One can no longer parse the history of one’s own likes but we now have bookmarks which can. Up until now, I have said that, “… comments are mine, retweets are not agreement, likes likely to mean ‘read later'”. I’d best change this.

From now my policy is “comments are mine, retweets, likes and bookmarks do not signify agreement”.

Retweets everyone can see, followers get this in the feed, and the author is notified.

Likes, the author is notified and the like count incremented.

Bookmarks  can be browsed. …

Old Wisdom

I have over the last 24 hours installed the “Advanced Random Post” plugin and created a “Random” page which lists 7 old articles,with a short excerpt. I did this for me because I now have 14 years of content on this blog, and some of it is worth revisiting, either to show how clever I was, or how wrong I was. You can laugh, I can learn! …


When I felt the need to start shouting on Facebook, I needed a somewhere else to put my less well formed thoughts and diary-like notes. Firstly I experimented with ello, but I later transferred my ello to a wordpress blog site, ello.davelevy.info in July 2016, to make it easier to share and integrate. I moved these posts to this site in March 2018. I categorised my entries in that blog as “thoughts” and category thoughts remains in place. I occasionally still use it. I documented the ello blog as page on this site, and with a carousel entry on the home page.

I continued to use ello for sillyness and stuff and there is a link to it at the bottom of all pages, in the black panel.

Comments are now auto closed after 14 days, there is be a social login plugin to allow you to comment using your own social network logins.

Articles on the thoughts blog are more likely to be unfinished, often representing work in progress, or ideas with insufficient time invested.

Today, I transferred this content from a page to this post. …