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Vote for me

I am standing for election as Secretary of Lewisham Deptford Labour Party; I’d like to thank the five branches and two union branches that nominated me.

1 have been fighting for a fairer society, in the Labour Party since 1974, for 42 years, sometime with some influence and sometimes with very little.

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The Riot Dog dies

The Guardian reports that Loukanikos, a stray dog in Athens that had spent its time supporting the demonstrators against austerity has died. Here’s a picture of him, probably thinking of bones,

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And off to Manchester

I travelled up to Manchester for Labour Party Conference, we are using the tag #lab14. I got the station wrong again! Manchester is Euston! I wish Priority Pass would get Lounge access there but I expect it’s Virgin and they won’t play ball with them; Virgin lounges are reserved for Virgin Upper Class ticket holders.


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Looking back at 2012

Goodby to 2012, and welcome 2013. A look at the highs and lows of 2012.

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Return of the Fleet

I popped down to Pompey to see the boats of the Ondeck Atlantic Challange since a friend won a place on one of the boats.

He got in at 3:00 in the morning after crossing the Atlantic and had sensibly tried to get some sleep on the land. I took some pictures which are in a set called Ondeck in Pompey.

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Bye Bye Qube

Shall I replace my Qube with a new dinky box?

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This day was the first day after leaving Sun. My Goodbye to the Sun Blog and readers was posted two days ago and from now on, this is my blog.

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And then it snowed, a lot!

Snowy Trees

On Monday, I woke up to the heaviest snow fall I’d seen in years. I live in the south of the country and we don’t often see snow at all, and even less frequently in the cities. 

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Impressions of the Citie International

I wrote a note about the Lyon Conference Centre; within Sun we were discussing the possibility of holding an EMEA Customer Engineering conference and I used the trip to Lyon to check out their conference centre.

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Mobile viewing

On my sun/oracle blog, I wrote a note on small screen HTML optimisation. One of my first. Frankly, not a project I pursued.

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The EU’s Call 4 for research projects funded by FP7

19th November – The Commission of the European Union have advertised FP7 Call 4 [Press Release]. This is the opportunity to undertake collaborative research into ICT with financial contributions from the Commission.

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Back on the Waves

I spent the day on the Solent at Sun Sail 2008. Its the first time I’ve been. We didn’t do that well, but it was fun all the same.


Originally posted on my sun/oracle blog, reposted here in July 2016.

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Life without the remote control

The remote control handset for Sky’s Digibox gave up to day, I wonder if this is the opportunity I have been looking for to change the way we get our TV.

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