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Is a DDOS attack the twenty first century equivalent of a picket line?

On Tuesday, the Labour Party’s preferred web hosting site, nationbuilder suffered a DDOS attack. It seems UKIP was the target and while Nationbulder state that a botnet was used, other’s accuse a ‘lone nut’.  Obviously a sign of things to come, but it’s the second thing I’d think of in designing infrastructure for a political party. The first would be defence against a graffiti attack. These plans are often left till later as everyone concerned concentrates on functional requirements, Having said all this, I hope that my hosting provider is good enough.


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No Treaty Change to save the Euro

What to make of yesterday? Britain wields its veto at the EU Summit to reject changes to the treaty that this Tory led government deem to be ‘not in the national interest’, despite stating that saving the Euro is in the UK’s interests and arguing for the last three months that fiscal unity for the Euro was part of the answer.

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What am I saying

Sometime, you just have to use a Wordle, here’s mine of this blog, as at today.

You can click through to the wordle page.

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About the Fishworks appliance

On my original sun/oracle blog, I wrote a piece about installing Sun’s Storage Server image on a VMware host, in this case, my Laptop. The links and technology are now no longer relevant so I have rescued a copy of the console screenshot and the link above (and below) takes you to the original post.

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Searching europa, is there a limit to Google

Just some times I come across a piece of research which my search engines find hard to help me with. Since Google, they all seem to use in-list based sorting algorithms. Some resources, such as the EU’s web complex don’t seem to have enough sites pointing at it for this to be a wisdom of crowds solution and their own search engine doesn’t seem to help me either. You’d think that the various News organisation feeds that specialise might issue permalink based pointers but querying the EU site remains hard.

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Yet more South Park

A bunch of the Sun bloggers have been using a “What you’d look like in South Park!” tool hosted here… to make images of themselves, or occasionally others. My younger son made this for me.

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Ready, Steady, Vote

A general election has been called for 5th May.

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About: Risk

I was preparing a project proposal before christmas and we were trying to define what a risk was (Again!). Some mediocre (if the cap fits……) project managers think to improve their credibility by saying risk every other word. I offer you (& them) the following, although its not original,

“A risk is an event that is futuristic, uncertain and detrimental.

Its a new FUD!

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