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Uber & Capital Abundance

Tim Roache the General Secretary of the GMB writes about the GMB success in the courts in having Uber’s business model criminalised. The courts state that Uber’s drivers must be treated as employees and not as self-employed contractors.

The GMB and the UK are not the first jurisdiction to go to court.  I looked at this last year, and made a storify,

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Monopoly and prices

Monopolies restrict supply and offer their goods at prices above equilibrium price, the opportunity cost of the resources used to make the goods. I am writing a short paper about this since it is a piece of thinking I revisited while developing my thoughts on free software, but is not central to those thoughts. There remain those who still think that monopolistic domination of markets is a legitimate business goal and that public policy and regulation should not inhibit this “free” market tendency. A review of the theory of the firm shows that monopolies restrict supply, raise prices and make super-profits.

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The Dark Side of HR???

Some comments based on High Stewart’s review of a book subtitled “Understanding and avoiding employees leaving, thieving and deceiving”. In Management Today, Henry Stewart reviewed Furnham & Taylor’s book “The Dark Side of Behaviour at Work”. Its an interesting reinforcement of the relevance of McGregor’s Theory XY model

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