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Help, looking for an XML widget for wordpress

It seems the big boys, i.e. google, facebook, who it now seems own friend feed and twitter are all changing their services and APIs. Friendfeed has stopped parsing twitter because of the API changes, it also seems to have stopped polling my delicious feed. My home grown mingle is still polling my bookmarks, blogs and pictures, but it’s lost my google reader news posts and you tube favourites some time ago; google turned them off as they sought to make Google+ a secret garden. My booklist site, living social, packed in a while ago. All in all, my efforts to collect my contributions on the internet into a single place are falling apart.

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Level Up

Announcing Version 4 of my Blog, it’s a fully hosted wordpress implementation hosted at 1and1 in Germany. It’s been available for a couple of days now, it uses zdbench theme and wptouch, so it’s now easy to read with handhelds,

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Testing Vote-it-up

This is a new blog post to check on the voting widgets.

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WordPress at 1and1, using PHP5

About owning the WordPress install and using 1and1 hosting services. I am preparing to change the look and feel of this blog, and have a shadow blog. This is installed using ftp of a wordpress distribution.

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WordPress & PHP5

I had some problems geting this blog to use the self updateing tools.

An install of WPtouch failed.

It seems that my wordpress blog needs to access PHP5 and I spoke to 1&1 to work out how to do this. I have inserted

AddType x-mapp-php5 .php

into a fresh new .htaccess file. The updates and add new theme dialogues now work on this blog. I have also added Simon Phipps flying gulls, which I have CC right to use.

I have installed the WPtouch theme and so this blog can now be accessed using small screens as well. I have tested this using an iphone.

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Maybe snipsnap is not the answer

It was good to meet up with Mike Ramchand and Phil Harman last week at the Oracle User Group where Phil was presenting a talk entitled “Virtualisation Fever”. The conversation turned to personal web sites. Mike advised me to get off Snipsnap because its resource implications are too costly. It should be noted that there are a number of additional weaknesses due to its age.  It is written in Java and while it has an extensibility framework, using it requires Java and possibly Groovy, and I code in neither.

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Upgrading Well Red

I have created a fully hosted version of the blog here at davelevy.info and copied the articles from the original ‘canned’ wordpress blog. At the moment the old blog is still occupying the obvious URL of http://blog.davelevy.info.

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My snipsnap is back online.

My bliki, snipsnap, is now back on line, hosted by Amazon.

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I’ve not been to Technorati for a while, and the process of claiming one’s blog and site have changed a bit. I hope that now I am using WordPress that it’ll be easier; roller, my first blog technology at Sun was a pain, and snipsnap which I used from August ’09 until last July was impossible. (It’s one of the reasons I decided to adopt WordPress, more people develop for it).

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Hello World, again

I have decided, that despite progress towards the resurrection of my now defunct 2nd blog, a Snipsnap bliki,  that I can’t wait until then to start blogging again. So I have started this blog. BTW that blog was available a http://davelevy.dyndns.info and some the posts are available via Google Reader, [RSS/ATOM],

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