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This page talks about classification of content, navigation, syndication, some history and some of the legals.


I write mainly about Technology, Politics, and Technology Politics.

These key categories were developed while working at Sun and as a result of work undertaken at there, where I undertook some public policy work and it became clear to me that both Open Source and collaborative development were crucial engines of economic development.

Also since leaving Sun and returning to London I also rebooted my membership of the Labour Party in 2010, my activism there has led me to think and campaign and so I have written about them both here.

The categories are Politics, Technology, admin, travel, culture and silly, and each post is also tagged. The categories (and tags) have feeds;

The tag feeds are constructed as follows, http://blog.davelevy.info/tag/feed

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This is the fourth version of my blog. The first blog I started since we were encouraged to do so at work, and the blog is still available at the Oracle site, here…. On leaving, I always meant to move to wordpress, but the need to say some things, particularly about the Digital Economy Act and the EU’s anti-competition review of the Oracle take-over of Sun Microsystems during the Autumn of 2009, led to me moving to Snipsnap on my Cobalt Qube. For various reasons, this site failed, and I started a 3rd blog here, using 1+1’s canned blog solution. It was not possible to comment on this, unless I issued a login, so you can imagine how that worked. I have now created a fully hosted wordpress blog on this site, and installed the “social login” plugin with which I hope you can comment.  I am using the zbench theme.

This blog, i.e. version four, now has the complete contents of the previous three versions uploaded. During the summer of 2013, I managed to restore the snipsnap blog and copied across those articles that weren’t just announcements of new wiki content. The snipsnap wiki articles were also copied across to my companion wiki. In July 2016, I completed the copying of most of my sun/oracle blog to this site. Some of the content was left behind, and some copied to wiki.davelevy.info. In December, 2017, Storify announced it was closing it’s service, and I began to copy the published stories across.

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I am at linkedin here….

The blog has companion wiki, which also uses tags. Searching the wiki using the wordpress tag brings back the articles documenting my experiments and decisions in building this blog.

Hope it provokes.

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